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Varnish rollers in EPDM 22-50 shore are most commonly found in the wood industry, and we re-grind many, many rollers for varnish production lines throughout Sweden and Norway, all year round.


We regularly recap, grind and groove optierollers, and have developed a concept with a special EPDM 22 Shore with 60-85 grooves/inch. We also recap about 1 or 2 foam rubber rollers for dyeing wood every week. We recap and groove grind contact rollers for belt grinders before balancing them.
Varnish rollers in dynamic balancing.


”Special” varnish rollers used for varnishing down over corners or glue rollers used for material that is not the same thickness (e.g. panelled doors). We recap, grind and, where applicable groove both smooth and grooved glue rollers so that they impart just the right amount of glue.


Feeding wheels for planing and milling lines can be recapped in rubber or polyurethane. In addition, we deal with many other rollers and rolls, such as spackle rollers, oil rollers, hard rollers, contact slip rollers and counter pressure rollers. Grinding and cambering is done cylindrically.