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The steel industry is one of the most prolific users of rollers, and we are working hard to be a complete partner, able to carry out the most common service parts. We currently have well-proven material for all difficult rollers and rolls, in addition to the simple ones, of course. And, we carry out full servicing of everything relating to rollers.

We coat, round grind, groove grind and dynamically balance contact slip rolls.
S-works rolls up to Ø 2,400 mm can be coated with polyurethane (Tricote) then round ground before delivery.


A significant number of complete rollers, with new steel cores and bearing units, are also made for the steel industry every year.
Service grinding and balance checking are carried out continuously.


The steel industry is also responsible for the largest number of rollers, that come in a broad variety of shapes and sizes.
We recap a vast number of tension rollers, transport rolls, break rolls, conveyor rollers, guide rollers and S-works rolls.


There are many different names for the rollers and rolls in the steel industry, but no matter what they are called, we can recap or polyurethane cover all of them. Grinding is done cylindrically, with cambers and grooves also possible, and can be done according to schematics or the customer’s wishes.