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Demanding ozone permanence and form stability are usual in the plastics industry, where we have found a number of functional grades that can be used in a variety of rollers and rolls. We offer several recipes to choose from when high temperatures are in play. Many rollers and rolls in the plastics industry are often grooved and we have a computer-controlled machine that can handle all the schematics available on the market.


We produce some glue rollers with rubber/Teflon casings that facilitate cleaning. We cover treating rolls with 35-95 Shore A hardness silicone. Tension rollers of all kinds are always being made.


Banana/arc rollers can be refurbished and the rubber changed if necessary. We normally use high temperature resistant materials when covering welding rollers. A few years ago we got the facilities to give our customers the choice of whether they wanted covers in rubber or polyurethane.


A lot of rollers and rolls are ground both cylindrically and with cambers, others are then grooved. We can groove all patterns found on the market.