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The largest rollers are made for the paper industry. We can carry out crack incidence testing of plugs/gables and repair the steel, as well as coat and grind. More or less all rollers are dynamically balanced, with different balancing points ranging from 0.4 to 6.3. Plugs/gables for guide rollers are coated in Composite (Tricomp), as are the mantles (about 100 mm), which are then coated in Black Diamond to get an absolutely tight roller without the risk of column corrosion.


Guide rollers are coated with Black Diamond, whilst tambour rollers take Tricote, in a variety of hardnesses.
We coat printing rollers with everything from 0-200 P&J. We also make pure steel rollers for the dry part.
We are Loctite certified for the composite coating of guide rollers.


As for rollers in embossing works, we have a long history due to our cooperation with Valsgravyr AB.
Soft, nitrile rubber for wet work, furrowed glue rollers, stretch rollers and transport rollers are also common products.


Grinding is done cylindrically, with cambers and grooves also possible, and can be done according to schematics or the customer’s wishes.