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Triton's business plan is to quickly and cost efficiently serve roller clients in Europe looking for both products and technical advice.

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We work with all the polymers available on the market, at all degrees of hardness. Regardless of colour or hardness, we have it, keeping around 180-200 different grades, amounting to 12-15 tons, in stock.

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Our new three-component Ribbon Flow machine allows changes from 60-95 Shore A to be made quickly. Our raw materials currently come from UK, although we always store significant supplies onsite.

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Roller Services

In order to be your complete supplier, we have developed our mechanical department from being simply able to make repairs to damaged rollers, to making brand new.

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Worn out rollers are renovated by our mechanical department, with plugs being repaired or axles completely changed. Many new roller materials are constantly produced based on drawings or our own measurements.

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Dynamically balanced rollers provide more stable processes and minimise the effects of wear on the bearings. We take the utmost care when balancing with our new, high-tech machine. All balanced rollers come with a certificate.

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We coat everything from the smallest pumpwheel to entire roller mantles in paper machines. We are certified by Loctite and are their cooperation partners in Sweden for the roller coating market.

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Our shipping department allows us to offer interesting and favourable shipping arrangements. We currently work closely with DHL, which picks up and delivers products to all our customers.

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